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そのスポーツは、全員で楽しく、協力してやるような、「サッカー」のような「球技」である場合が多かったようです。 From June 19 to July 10, 1754, the Albany Congress, as it came to be known, met with the Iroquois in Albany, New York, in order to improve relations with them and secure their loyalty to the British. Dense forests brought revenue: Lumber, tar, and resin from the longleaf pine provided some of the best shipbuilding materials in the world. 「雨の日でも、試合続行」 Subsequently, other New England colonies – such as Connecticut and Rhode Island – also succeeded in becoming self-governing simply by asserting that they were beyond any governmental authority, and then setting up their own political system modeled after that of the Pilgrims at Plymouth. By the early 18th century, almost all the colonies had been brought under the direct jurisdiction of the British Crown, but under the rules established by the Glorious Revolution. こちらも、ぜひ体験してくださいね。 They built great houses, adopted an aristocratic way of life, and kept in touch as best they could with the world of culture overseas. ☆「精神世界の鉄人」のメルマガも、発行しています。 The yeoman farmers, who worked smaller tracts, sat in popular assemblies and found their way into political office. それは今でも、「直線」で、表現されている「国境」に現れています。 In only two cases was the self-government provision omitted. ここでも、これだけで、ディスカッションが終わったようです。 過去の歴史をみるとアジアやアフリカにヨーロッパのキリスト教の宣教師が最初やってきてその後に植民地支配がはじまるとありますがわからないのはどうしてキリスト教の布教をしてから植民地支配がはじまるのでしょうか?別にキリスト教を Andrew Hamilton, the prominent lawyer who defended Zenger, argued that the charges printed by Zenger were true and hence not libelous. Sermons were the most common products of the press. More advanced training – in classical languages, history, and literature – was offered at the Friends Public School, which still operates in Philadelphia as the William Penn Charter School. という感想を書いているそうです。, 欧米の宣教師たちは、他の国々は、恐怖心を煽って、洗脳することに、成功したのですが、日本だけは洗脳できず、逆に、ディスカッションで、ことごとく簡単に負けてしまったという歴史が、残っているようです。 日本の場合、最初の「キリスト教」が入ってきた時点で、気づいたそうです。 Rejecting theatrics, he delivered his message in a quiet, thoughtful manner, arguing that the established churches sought to deprive Christianity of its function of redemption from sin. The Scots-Irish tended to settle in the backcountry, where they cleared land and lived by hunting and subsistence farming. http://www.melma.com/backnumber_38906/ This body would have charge of defense, Native-American relations, and trade and settlement of the west. 「どうして、サッカーは、雨の日でも試合しているんだろうか? サッカーの選手たちは、そんなに風邪をひきたいんだろうか?」 These measures proved to be some of the most far‑reaching in the entire colonial period. Most importantly, it would have independent authority to levy taxes. The fact that the king had transferred his immediate sovereignty over the New World settlements to stock companies and proprietors did not, of course, mean that the colonists in America were necessarily free of outside control. The settlers of the Carolinas quickly learned to combine agriculture and commerce, and the marketplace became a major source of prosperity. By 1690 the American population had risen to a quarter of a million. 「アフリカと中近東の国々の国境が、直線で描かれている」 現地の人々は、逆らおうにも、「スポーツ」のゲームを通して、 In Philadelphia, numerous private schools with no religious affiliation taught languages, mathematics, and natural science; there were also night schools for adults. Thus, full authority rested in the hands of persons residing in the colony. By 1685, its population was almost 9,000. Thus, charters awarded to the Calverts in Maryland, William Penn in Pennsylvania, the proprietors in North and South Carolina, and the proprietors in New Jersey specified that legislation should be enacted with "the consent of the freemen. Society in the middle colonies was far more varied, cosmopolitan, and tolerant than in New England. 地球という惑星は、欧米人など、先進国といわれている国々に住んでいる人たちの侵略の歴史だと、言ってもいいと思います。 They had their own amusements – great barbecues, dances, housewarmings for newly married couples, shooting matches, and contests for making quilted blankets. Aboard the Mayflower, the Pilgrims adopted an instrument for government called the "Mayflower Compact," to "combine ourselves together into a civil body politic for our better ordering and preservation ... and by virtue hereof [to] enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices ... as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony. France and Britain engaged in a succession of wars in Europe and the Caribbean throughout the 18th century. The English Bill of Rights and the Toleration Act of 1689 affirmed freedom of worship for Christians in the colonies as well as in England and enforced limits on the Crown. Excellent harbors promoted trade, and the sea became a source of great wealth. In addition, the diffusion of farms and plantations made the formation of community schools difficult. その時の、農場の現場監督には、サッカーなどのスポーツで、「審判」を、やっていた欧米人に、やらせたようです。 Women were not entirely overlooked, but their educational opportunities were limited to training in activities that could be conducted in the home. In 1745 Logan erected a building for his collection and bequeathed both building and books to the city. The colonists – inheritors of the long English tradition of the struggle for political liberty – incorporated concepts of freedom into Virginia's first charter. という、二つのルールを入れたそうです。 By the end of the colonial period, nearly a century later, 30,000 people lived there, representing many languages, creeds, and trades. The planters of the Tidewater region, supported by slave labor, held most of the political power and the best land. New York best illustrated the polyglot nature of America. ☆MIXI内にも、「精神世界の鉄人」のコミュを、作成しました。 そして、たまには、DVDを借りてきて、家でゆっくりと映画鑑賞することも、多いです。, その中では、友人から薦められた作品を借りてきて、観た後、その友人と、その作品について、感想を語り合ったりすることが、とても楽しいです。, これは、有名な遠藤周作さんの小説、「沈黙」を原作として、外国の監督が作った作品だそうです。, 舞台は、17世紀、江戸時代初期―に、ポルトガルで、イエズス会の宣教師である、2人の神父が、日本行きを決意する場面から始まります。, 日本でのキリスト教の布教を使命としていた師匠が、日本で棄教したという噂が届き、その尊敬していた師が、棄教したことが、どうしても信じられず、それを確かめるために、2人は日本へ渡るのです。, そこでは、隠れキリシタンが、奉行の弾圧に苦しみながらも、信仰を捨てずに、祈り続けていました。, しかし、キリシタンが、村に潜んでいることを嗅ぎ付けた長崎奉行が、村に訪れ、2人の宣教師の身柄を要求します。, 村人達は、必死に匿うのですが、代償として、敬虔な信者であった村人たちが人質となります。, 「善良なキリシタンたちが、日本の悪い武士たちに、弾圧されて、それを見た、外国から来た宣教師たちが、苦悩する」, 世界地図を眺めていて気がつくことは、「国境」の存在です。 ただ、世界史の中では、いろいろと悪いことに道具として、利用されてきたという事実も、頭の隅っこに置いておくと、いいと思います。, 日本人は、昔から、とても頭のいい民族のようです。 Their food consisted of venison, wild turkey, and fish. 私たちは、「日本」という国に、もっと自信と誇りを持つ時期に、そろそろ来ているような気がします。 In the Peace of Paris (1763), France relinquished all of Canada, the Great Lakes, and the territory east of the Mississippi to the British. ☆「光のネットワーク(リンク集)」です。 He formed a debating club that became the embryo of the American Philosophical Society. The men wore leather made from the skin of deer or sheep, known as buckskin; the women wore garments of cloth they spun at home. Compactness made possible the village school, the village church, and the village or town hall, where citizens met to discuss matters of common interest. これを、生み出したのは、主に、現在の欧米人です。 The old colonial system was obviously inadequate to these tasks. Fish, ship's stores, and woodenware swelled the exports. A similar situation developed in the Massachusetts Bay Company, which had been given the right to govern itself. Their talent for successful business enterprise made the city one of the thriving centers of the British Empire. ☆キネシオロジーの個人セッションも、やっています。 They were even more so among the three regional groupings of colonies. Edwards was the most prominent of those influenced by Whitefield and the Great Awakening. 「雨の日でも、試合続行」 The Pilgrims and Puritans had brought their own little libraries and continued to import books from London. Thus the French threatened not only the British Empire but also the American colonists themselves, for in holding the Mississippi Valley, France could limit their westward expansion. 白石:「全知全能の凄い神ならば、なぜ、何千年も前に、日本に来ていないのか? 今頃、のこのころ来ること自体が、全知全能ではないのではないか?」 His endeavors also led to the founding of a public academy that later developed into the University of Pennsylvania. Measures to establish a new one, however, would rouse the latent suspicions of colonials who increasingly would see Britain as no longer a protector of their rights, but rather a danger to them. It controlled the Mississippi River and, by establishing a line of forts and trading posts, had marked out a great crescent-shaped empire stretching from Quebec to New Orleans.

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